Holistic Living: The Not So Complicated Guide To Living Naturally In A Processed World

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“Holistic Living is about achieving a sustainable balance with your body, mind and spirit through food, self care and mindset."-- Jennifer R. Rossano

Because Holistic Living doesn’t have to be so complicated…

From the creator and author of the food blog and mommy wellness destination NeuroticMommy comes Holistic Living: The Not So Complicated Guide to Living Naturally In A Processed World featuring 25 Frequently Asked Questions regarding living holistically, including How does food make us sick?, How does medication fit into living holistically?, Do I have to give up everything I love to live holistically? and MORE, plus six ways to jumpstart your Holistic Living TODAY and a BONUS five easy smoothies to start the day Holistically.

Each and every Question has an in depth Answer, written in plain English so that anyone can understand it...and implement.

If you are…

  • Someone who has wanted to shift her lifestyle and doesn’t know how or where to begin…
  • A beginner who wants to learn the in’s and out’s of holistic living for her own personal growth…
  • A newbie who wants to know why this lifestyle is healthiest for self-care and long-term health…

...then this ebook is for you...

What’s Inside:

  • Answers to 25 of the top questions that I’ve been asked regarding holistic living.
  • Six-step process for how to jumpstart your holistic living way of life.
  • Five bonus smoothie recipes packed with nutrients to start you day naturally.

The ebook will be emailed directly to you as a gorgeous designed PDF file that you can read on your mobile device, tablet or computer, with clickable links to resources and downloads, plus an interactive table of contents for quick navigation to questions that speak to you.

Save 40% and buy your copy for only $9.99!

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